Dark Forest

I uploaded this image on Instagram and Twitter and some people found it triggering and disturbing so I deleted it. I wanted to create a picture that does exactly that. Suicidal imagery can be even scarier than ghosts and monsters, because it triggers that deep, dark and complicated human emotion.

My Patronus

It’s definitely a Corgi! My spirit animal. I mean it could been any dog, actually, but Corgi is the one breed that capture my heart in the moment. I don’t have a corgi just yet, but in the future, absolutely. Made with Procreate on iPad Pro.


I always wanted to have a dragon as a friend, so we can go on an adventure together. The movie How To Train Your Dragon has some fascinating dragon designs, the movie as a trilogy also very inspiring. Here I designed one myself.


When was the last time you pick a tea drink in a bottle and think “I wish it has less sugar”? Some friends of mine at @paradisatea (IG) just released several flavored tea beverages with high quality ingredients, and the right amount of sugar. They taste really good. I had a chance to illustrated the…


Meet Nagini, my pet Dragon.

Arte-Noon Tea

Join us for the first-ever Arte-Noon Tea from 10 May to 30 June, 2018. In collaboration with Ida Bagus Gede Wiraga, rising Balinese artist has crafted 10 exclusive coloring illustrations, inspired by @stregisbali Bali’s finest address in celebration of the resort’s 10th anniversary. Set in the refined ambience of @kingcolebarbali with a live jazz pianist,…