Review: The Keepers, Netflix 

You want to know what evil is, watch this 7 episodes of very brave, and extremely haunting true crime documentary on Netflix. You have to be patient and absorb all the details and revelations. This stories have been told long before the fame of Spotlight; when a group of Journalists exposed sex abuse cases from the priests of Catholic Church in Boston. At first this was about a group of brave woman investigating an old case on the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik back in 1969. She was a beloved nun who found out that a Priest Father Maskell, who was also a chaplain in Seton Keough high school of Baltimore had been abusing the female students, this unfortunately costed her life. By the time I reached the third episodes and finished the series I learned that it’s much more than about sister Cesnik, it was bigger, more complicated, more devastating and more heartbreaking. This documentary will make you question things, and even lost faith in religious institutions, but It actually also redeems your faith in people.