Dear Singer

Dear singer,

Write your very own song!

If you want to sing a love song, make it personal, and do it with style.

If you are too dumb to write a song, hire a musician to write you a song based on your personal stuffs. If you want a love song, remember, the same fucking material is getting too old now, 3 love songs in your album is fine.

 If you get bored of love song, good, now what about something more universal, Life! A song about politic is pretty cool too, maybe you can shit-talk bad politicians, maybe start with that Indonesian president, SBY? What about a song telling a story of your beloved late grandpa? It could be something really romantic.  

How does it sound so far? I know you will insist to sing another love song, fine, you can explore a really dark side of love, but don’t make it sounds insecure and dumb. Go out and see the world, do you see something?

Ah you can always go back to love song anytime.

You better be smart before going to studio and start recording, if your song is stupid, more people will be getting stupid because of you!

If you think you are ugly, thats a good start, continue your singing career if only people keep praising your voice.




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